Not long now …

Christmas MishMash is at 2.30pm on Sunday 9th December. Come and see how God can turn the small and insignificant into something huge and powerful.

My boy is coming home!

Father standing at the front door watching, watching, watching, waiting, waiting, longing … suddenly he sees a figure in the distance … getting closer, closer … “I know who that is, I know that walk … it’s my boy! My boy is coming home!” Come to MishMash on Sunday 11th November and discover the back-story to one father’s excitement.

MishMash is back!

We are back. Hopefully everyone had a good summer break and is looking forward to the new term. MishMash is on Sunday 9th September at 2.30pm. Hope to see you there. This year we will be taking a look at some of the parables that Jesus told and we’re starting with a grainy one this Sunday.

We’re all going on a summer holiday

MishMash is on summer break. We’re back at 2.30pm on Sunday 9th September. Hope to see you then – and remember, MishMash might be on a break, but God our Father never is – there is never any time when he isn’t watching over us – “he knows it even when a sparrow falls” (Matthew chapter 10 verse 29). Have… More →

Summer’s here

Join us at 2.30pm on Sunday July 8th for the last MishMash before we have our summer break in August (we’ll be back on September 9th). We’ll be spending some time talking to God, and thinking about God, and listening to God. Hope to see you there.

Into the water …

Don’t miss MishMash on Sunday June 10th. It’s going to be an awesome time. We will be having our first MishMash baptism … and of course all the usual exciting stuff as well – including a story about a river-dip! Hope to see you there – 2.30pm.

Who’s that calling?

He heard a voice calling in the dark? Who is speaking? What’s going on? We’re trying to get some sleep here! Is that Eli having a laugh at Sam’s expense? Find out who, what and where at MishMash – 2.30pm on Sunday May 13th.

Friends forever

He thought he’d been forgotten but he ended up dining with the king – real friends care! Come and hear this rags-to-riches story at MishMash on April 8th at 2.30pm.