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Rick and Janette Brown 


Rick and Janette work full-time with the international mission Agapé France and have been in Liverdy-en-Brie (just to the east of Paris) since the early 1980s. Their son Paul, 24, works as a mechanical engineer west of Paris.

Agapé France is an evangelical mission seeking to reach people with the gospel through students, churches, artists, the internet, immigrants and family life ministries. The word ‘Agapé’ translates as ‘unconditional love’. The need for this work in France is clearly shown by the statistic that only 1% of the population is evangelical Christian.

Directed by Rick, Agapé Famille is involved in reaching out to non-believers through the life-issues of marriage and family, and encouraging and building up Christian couples to be salt and light where they are. This is done through couples’ seminars, special events, workshops, and couples’ group materials. Rick also trains and coaches new staff in their initial months with Agapé.

Janette is on the National Leadership Team of Agapé France, in charge of Operations, including Finances and Human Resources, serving over 80 staff across 5 cities. She also works with Rick to run couples seminars and develop new materials.

Kelly Bonneval-Cox, 01/12/2018