Banner Image:   Petru & Antonina

Moldova Charity Mission

Petru is a Baptist pastor and leads a church in a small village called Fagureni. Antonina is a full time mum but has also trained as a teacher / children & families worker. They have 5 children: Doina, Catea, Daniel, Emanuela and Petru-Marius.

Petru and Antonina were commissioned from their last church to start a new church in Fagureni. When they were starting the church they met a lot of opposition from the villagers and even received death threats because of what they were doing. Shortly before Petru-Marius was born they felt God was calling them to work with disabled children. Petru-Marius was born with Down's Syndrome but this only strengthened their resolve to start this work.

Petru and Antonina started and lead the ‘Moldova Charity Mission for the Disabled’. As Europe’s poorest nation Moldova has no schools for children with additional needs. To help address this need they run a day centre for disabled children and a support group for parents of disabled children. Antonina finds it very rewarding to bring single mothers of disabled children together to encourage them and give them advice and support, and seeing friendships grow among them.

In 2006 Petru and Antonina met Ian Hames, who attends CtK, at a European Disability Conference. After that Ian visited them and has set up the partnership whereby we can support them in their wonderful ministry with prayer and financial giving. Several members of the CtK congregation have also been over to help with their annual summer camp.

The Moldova Charity Mission brings the love of Jesus to the community by providing:

  • A day centre where disabled children play and learn together (there’s no schooling for children with additional needs in Moldova).
  • Massage and speech therapy.
  • A support group for parents to get together and encourage one another, helping to relieve the sense of hopelessness and isolation.
  • Humanitarian aid – distributing food, clothing, blankets, medicines and toiletries.
  • Summer Camps for disabled adults and children; friends from Christ the King support the children’s camp both financially and by volunteering to help.

Please pray for good health and clear vision and strategy as the Charity Mission team look to God to grow this life-changing ministry. Please pray for funds to give these children a better future.